The INNOVISION terrarium series


We are proud to introduce the new INNOVISION terrarium series from Black Cage Industry. We have created an innovative set of terrariums for the reptile enthusiast: a modular set of terrariums that can be seemlessly stacked in any number of combinations, with a large range of terrarium sizes. The terrariums are designed with the key goal in mind of combining the best of regular vision and rack terrariums: Provide a beautiful display of all animals, while allowing easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

INNOVISION combinations

The terrariums have a beautiful Nordic design to truly showcase all facets of the animal. At the same time the terrariums have been carefully engineered for optimal cleaning, e.g. the sliding doors are designed such that no dirt or substrate are caught or accumulated in cracks or profiles. The cages are in general deeper than wider in order to have as many cages as possible per square meter wall. In addition this design makes the animals more secure and therefore less stressed.

All cages come in modular sizes and are easily assembled without the use of shelves or racks. (Support for light and heating). Read more about the technology behind the INNOVISION terrarium series here.